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The first expermental tarball is out!


The first experimental tarball(rootfs) of Hadron1.1 is out! You can download it from download page.

It only supports x86-64 architecture.

This tarball only includes revised and updated GNU toolchain(not including a kernel) and improved lpms. For more detail, visit download page and join #hadron on freenode.

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Hadron again!


As you can see, after a long break, we have a new website. And yes, we've restarted to work for Hadron GNU/Linux. purak finished his military duty. Refreshing his lpms memory to launch the shuttle. Also started converting core system to x86_64 (yeah, sorry about that 686). Package transition is on the way.

Another alpha release for rootfs is planned (soon). After that, it'll be bugfix and repo-update party in chroot environments. We advise you to follow the news page. If you have any questions or want to help, we'll be waiting on IRC (#hadron on freenode).

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